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/About Jenny

My story is a bit crazy, even hard for me to believe!

The past few years have been full of lessons for me. I broke my back and almost died from an allergic reaction to a bone scan injection and was left with a temporarily paralyzed body. A friend came to my rescue introducing me to health and I almost immediately became obsessed with the topic while trying to cure myself of temporary paralysis and years of pain. The more I learned, the more I was surprised to know that EVERYTHING I thought I knew about health was wrong. Like most, what I had learned about food mostly came from the food industry, who were trying to sell me their product.

I have found the real truth about how to keep my body healthy and fit and disease free and I want this for everyone but especially my kids and your kids too. I looking for moms who are willing to learn what true health is and to teach their kids what they know, even when it’s hard. We need to fight the cause of disease in America instead of looking for the cure.

If you are a mom, I’m guessing you’d do anything you could to prevent your kids from suffering now or later in life. I’ve found that a whole food plant based diet is the ticket and I want to tell you why.