15 Reasons To Eat Starch

//15 Reasons To Eat Starch

pancakes-starchI just finished listening to a great lecture by Dr. McDougall about why we should eat starch for our main food. My favorite line from his webinar was, “Your health is trying to get out of you, stop poisoning yourself so it can!”

Here are the reasons why you should eat starches and not animals:

  1. Starches are easy to grow-corn, rice, potatoes, etc.
  2. Starches are inexpensive to buy-beans, rice, corn, oats.
  3. Starches are high energy. Ask any athlete and they’ll know to eat starches before the race or big game.
  4. Starches are complete nutrition. They have calcium, fat, vitamins, fiber, protein, and no cholesterol. Starches do not have the B12 bacteria found on animals. So do take B12 if you are animal free for 3 plus years just to be safe. Potatoes and sweet potatoes have ALL the nutrition you need to survive. Grains are a close second. Just add a bit of A and C vitamin in the form of an orange or broccoli if you want to live on grains only.
  5. Animals are full of deadly chemicals.
  6. Have you seen videos of animal farms? Have a conscious!
  7. Save the earth with starches. You can grow an average of 17 times more calories on the same amount of land as you can animal products. Beef to potatoes is 100 times!
  8. Starches don’t grow germs and diseases. If your starches, fruits, or veggies are infected, it came from an animal or human.
  9. Starches taste good! Sweet potatoes, corn, potatoes, etc. Our taste buds are made for sugar. That’s why we like starches so much!
  10. Starches store well. How long can you store grains? Forever!
  11. Starches are easy to travel with. My hubby keeps a loaf of bread at his desk for his whole wheat, low-fat, super satisfying snack!
  12. Starches are great for weight loss. They are filling, yet very low in fat and calories. Potatoes are 1% fat, and really that’s all your body needs!
  13. All starches are created equal. Choose one or two, or even more, and stick to them. There is not one best starch.
  14. The author of the Blue Zone realized that the key to what makes people live the longest is eating starches!
  15. It’s really hard for your body to convert starch to fat. Look at all the thin Asians who eat rice and veggies! They don’t gain weight till they try our American diet.

To have the ultimate health and ideal weight, you need lots of starches, some fruits and veggies, B12, sunshine, and a walk. Simple!

My goal is to teach others a way to eat in which they can prevent and even reverse all modern disease. I especially hope moms will change what they feed their kids to prevent future pain and suffering. It's so simple. Let's do this!

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  • Jen is becoming a better and better chef every meal. Maybe we should pressure her to have a nourish and strengthen party once in a while to show us how it’s done (and feed everybody too). 🙂

    Dusty 12.03.2016

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